About Hanson

Hanson Israel is a subsidiary of the HeidelbergCement Group, a global producer of cement, aggregates, asphalt, concrete products and ready mixed concrete mixes. With management headquartered in Heidelberg Germany, the HeidelbergCement Group employs 53,000 people in 2,500 locations in 40 countries through the world. The Group's 2010 turnover totaled 12 billion. Its shares are traded on Germany's Stock Exchange, and included in the DAX index which containing Germany's 30 largest companies. 


Line of Business
Manufacture of Heavy Building Materials
Established 1963

Hanson Israel, was originally established in 1963, and today has 26 concrete plants, 3 quarries, 2 asphalt facilities and a fleet of 130 trucks to deliver concrete and aggregates. Hanson considers the safety of its employees and environment protection as highly important and integral parts of its operations. Hanson Israel is one of Israel's largest building products groups. Hanson Israel, with annual revenues of close to NIS 800 million and 560 employees, provides more than 20% of the country's demand for aggregate and concrete products. Hanson Israel has grown in parallel with the nation. Its duration attests to its development, and to its uncompromising commitment to quality and service.

Major Local Operations

Hanson Israel maintains 26 technologically advanced concrete and mortar production plants, with an annual capacity of approximately 3 million cubic meters; 3 quarries with an annual yield exceeding 8 million tons of aggregates; 2 asphalt plants capable of supplying about one million tons of different types of asphalt annually; and a fleet of 130 trucks to transport concrete and building materials.

The Products

Aggregates – A range of stone, gravel, and sand used in construction, infrastructure, etc. Aggregates are quarried from limestone and dolomite sites.
Ready-made concrete, infrastructure and mortar products – Concrete produced, loaded on mixers at the plant and transported to building sites; mortar mixtures, mixtures for infrastructure, flooring, and sealing.
Asphalt – A mixture of aggregates, sand and bitumen, used to pave roads, freeways, parking lots and walkways.
Transport – Its fleet serves both Hanson and third-party customers.

Customer Service

Hanson Israel continues to improve its customer service under the motto "Hanson – Your First Choice." Hanson’s vision for service excellence is to become the customer’s first choice through meeting customer needs and sharing common values. All staff attends training sessions designed to instill and implement the values of reliability, responsibility, respect, human dignity, teamwork, professionalism, learning and striving for excellence. Over the last few years, Hanson Israel operates concrete order receipt and central dispatch service in Israel's center. The goal is to improve customer service in the competitive Tel Aviv area. From one nerve center orders are taken, mixers are dispatched from various concrete plants and controlled using GPS controls. The system recommends the concrete plant for producing the particular order and the most efficient dispatch route, allowing Hanson Israel to provides the most efficient, cost effective and timely service to customers.

Technology and Quality

Hanson Israel is uncompromisingly committed to high product quality, customer satisfaction and to maintain its reputation. It was among the first companies in its sector to adopt the Israel Standards Institution's approval system for concrete and asphalt manufacturing and quarries. The Institution confirms that Hanson Israel complies with ISO 9002 quality assurance requirements.

Environmental and Safety Quality

Hanson Israel is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible safety and environmental standards and invests to ensure these objectives are achieved. The company rigorously adheres to environmental and safety regulations and is attentive to the needs of communities located near its plants and building sites. Hanson believes that it must do its utmost to ensure that its employees will not be injured and fall ill during their workday. Hanson has trained many of its employees to be safety wardens and first aid experts in order to minimize risks at the various plants and to allow for treatment, if an employee is injured